TALK Academy T. EVELYN is the best teacher for October 2017

I feel honored and humbled for having been chosen for this award. I’m humbled because all our teachers here in the Academy are outstanding, passionate, creative, and suport their students everyday.

Being a teacher is a gift. We give words, words that are extremely powerful. They can leave scars that are invisible to our eyes. They have the power to wound or heal. They have the ability to discourage or encourage. And can destroy or breathe life into students within an instant. As a teacher, we need to use these words carefully. That is the power of a teacher.

Thank you to TALK Academy who gave me the chance and opportunity. I would like also to use this time to express my deep gratitude to Ma’am Jobelle, to Ma’am Cris and all office staffs for without them I wouldn’t have gone this far. And friends who have influenced, inspired and supported me along the way.

To my students now and all of my students since I started for without their openness, enthusiasm, and desire, I wouldn’t be here now. They challenge, inspire, provoke, and motivate me. When I realized that education is a 2 way street, that I and my students are all learning and growing together.

They made me who I am now. When my time comes to leave TALK Academy, I’ll bring with me the smile that I always cherish in my heart and proud to be a part of TALK Academy.

Lastly, I want to leave these words:

“Success is waking up in the morning feeling excited and going to bed at night feeling fulfilled.”

Thank you.

Evelyn Alvarez “T.EVELYN”

Writing Department – TALK Academy

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