TALK Academy Best Student & Best Teacher for March 2018

-TALK Academy Lee Tae Hwan “TAYLOR” is the best student for March 2018

Hello! Good afternoon, everyone. and **** and konichiwa, and annyeong***. I’m really sorry I can’t prepare Vietnam greeting so don’t kill me.
First of all, I thank my teachers Gwen, Lolly, Rufa, CJ, Nelly, Jonas, and Gerard for supporting me and guiding me. In particular, thank you to T.Lolly, and T.Gerard for helping me with my speech. Actually I really didn’t expect to be the best student. So I was really surprised when I found out that I’m the best student this month. Because as you know, other students also study English very hard so I was really surprised.
Actually, I really hated English because it’s really very difficult for me. So, when I was high school student, I gave up English. Really, I gave up English class. However, I started studying English last year. Because when I participated in German Hannover industry fair with a Korean company, I realized that the world is wide. Because, this player is international player so many foreign company also participated. All people can speak English. You can speak English and you can speak English and you can speak English but only I can’t speak English so I really irritated and disappointed. Because I learned English since elementary days but still, I can’t speak it well. However, the incident gave me motivation. Why am I studying English and what do I want? At that time, I decided to study. So I started studying TOEIC because as you know, it’s necessary and popular way of studying and improveing language skill. luckily, I got a high score in 2 months. Even though my score was high, I still can’t speak English and my listening skill is very poor. At that time, I decided to stay here and study more. And I am still studying to achieve my goal.
Anyway, someday I will speak English very well. Don’t worry my speaking will finish in 2 minutes, hopefully. If you want to achieve your goal or speak very well, you should question yourself “Why am I studying English and what do I want?” You have to find your motivation. And if you find your motivation, you will become the best student.
Lastly, maybe my friends Elsa and Jeffrey arrived in Manila but this speech will be recorded so they will be able to see it.
I will take this moment to say goodbye my friends, Elsa and Jeffrey.
Thank you for your time.

Lee Tae Hwan “TAYLOR”

-TALK Academy T. TINY is the best teacher for March 2018

Teaching – a path of my volition, a job that has ever since tested my patience, my strength and my weaknesses. A career that has taught me to have the passion towards the things that I do. To have the patience and compassion in helping my students reach their goals. To have the empathy. To put myself in the shoes of the people resulting in the flexibility to adjust my vocabulary, my phase, and my teaching style for the purpose is for the students to understand the lesson. To be less critical of myself & of the people around me. To teach & be taught. To check & to be checked. That an interactive class is better than a passive one.
I’m T.Tiny, best teacher for the month of March. Teaching confidently with a heart.

Christine Alonzo “T.TINY” – Grammar Department

S-tudy English in Philippines TALK Academy T. GAIL is the best teacher for March 2018 – ENE Center

I feel so lucky to have found this very supportive and loving community of teachers. There are a lot of expectations that pressure teachers these days. But, because of our hard work and passion in teaching we were able to overcome those obstacles and proved to ourselves that we can do it. With one word of encouragement, we helped each other to stay on course and you boosted my confidence and made me believe nothing is impossible. So here I am now, awarded as the BEST TEACHER for the month of March. It was really unexpected and I was very surprised.
Now, I know that I’ve been a good influence to my students. I’ve been and will always be their cheerleader who will encourage them to always focus and stay on track no matter how difficult studying is.
To my students, thank you for trusting me and for being diligent and enthusiastic in your studies. I hope that you will always keep in mind the things we have taught you.
To my colleagues, continue being the building blocks to our students. Provide them the foundation for a lifelong learning. Always be a positive role model and a mentor, push our students to do their best and for them to show their full potential. Let’s give all what we have to offer. Let’s make our string of patience longer and stronger. More importantly is the relationship betwen you and your students. The more students like you, the more they like the lesson and feel comfortable in class and the better teaching will be.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Talk Academy for giving this award. Although I    have never thought of becoming one, so now I’m so pleased.
I have not studied English for a long time. Since I came to Talk Academy, I have enjoyed studying English with teachers a lot. So, I think enjoying what you want to do is an essential factor in learning.
The following are some of the most important factors that students need to consider if they want to become the best student. First, as I mentioned above, please enjoy your English class. Second, it is necessary to trust your teachers because they can certainly help you improve. Finally, don’t give up, continue learning English by putting consistent effort when studying. Once again, thank you.

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