TALK Academy Choi Boseong “KAI” is the best student for September 2017

Name of Student: KAI                                                                    Date: 09-29-17

It is a great honor for me to be able to speak in front of many students here today as the best student. I never thought that I would be chose as the best student because I know that many students here are far better than I and they are doing their best to improve their English skills passionately. I’m sorry to stand in front of you who have always been my mentors. I have always been stimulated by the many students who have done their best. I have gained strength from them and I have been able to hold on until now without leaving the orbit.

I thought about why I was chosen as the best student. It’s not because I was good at English or because I got good grades on the exams. But I think it is because I constantly strived to improve my English skills and I felt that many teachers were positive about it. Looking back on the times I’ve just passed, I’ve never been absent from my classes and vocabulary test for two months. It is also clear that I did my best when I attended all classes so that it was not in vain.

Let me briefly introduce my method of studying English. Sometimes students who aim to improve their English conversation skills only focus on listening and speaking and ignore other areas. I don’t think this is a good ways to study. To be good at what you want to say, you need to know a lot of vocabulary and be able to make accurate sentences. In other words, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and writing are essential for a good speaking. Many students tend to neglect reading and writing practice, which is really not correct. If it is difficult to write accurate sentences even if you have enough time, it is almost impossible to say while making sentences in less than a second. And in order to listen to English conversation well, we must also be able to speak the sentences with similar pronunciation and accent. This sounds a little ironic, but it is absolutely right. In the end, all areas of English do not function independently but are closely connected and interact together like an organism. If one of these is missing, you will have difficulty in communicating with English. It’s like when one of the four legs of a table is missing, it is no longer functions properly. I have practiced as much as possible in all areas of English. Even though it is slow, I know my English skills are getting better step by step. I don’t doubt that my English skills would be improved when I look back on the Graduation day.

If someone asks me how to be the best student, there is nothing special to say. I would like to answer that it is sincerity, patience, and enthusiasm. People don’t change easily. That’s especially true when we learn a new foreign language. Imagine when we heat water. It doesn’t boil until ninety degrees, and when it becomes one hundred degrees after one degree is added, it starts to boil. Although we don’t know where we are now on the English thermometer, we raised the temperature a little even today. One thing that is clear to us is that we’ll never stop our challenge to English until the waters starts to boil. If you are worried about not improving your English, don’t worry about it. We are getting better everyday. Let’s take a deep breath and let’s walk forward together step by step to our destination.

Finally, I would like to give sincere thanks to my lovely teachers.

Teacher Mona is the teacher who has enthusiastically corrected my pronunciation which is one of my weaknesses. Actually she tried to correct my pronunciation by pulling out my tongue.

Teacher Reisa is the teacher who has taught me calmly and completely about the system of grammar. Her lessons are the foundation of my English.

Teacher Nico is the best teacher who needs no more explanation. If I dare to describe him, he is fashionable guy with thorough knowledge of English and has a perfect pronunciation. Thanks to his lessons, my listening skills have improved a lot.

Teacher Elvie who is a very skilled teacher, who led me to speak comfortably and always makes a pleasant atmosphere. I have been practicing a lot of speaking from her class. It improved my speaking skills.

Teacher Ranier is a listening teacher but he is one of the teachers who talked a lot about various issues with me. Conversations with him, as well as his listening class using various forms of content, helped me to improve my English skills.

Teacher Maria is the teacher who has taught me how to write from the basic writing to well-written writing. Her positive personality always makes me happy.

Teacher Ike is the teacher who constantly provides interesting topics to keep the discussion from fading. His praise for me encourages me every time I get tired.

Teacher Bessi is the passionate teacher who prepares for her classes until dawn. Thank you for preparing a new lesson everyday.

I would like to thank all of my teachers once again, and Thanks to everyone who has given me a valuable lunch time and listened to my story. Thank you very much!


Choi Boseong “KAI”

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