TALK Academy Kana Takashima “KANA” is the best student for June 2017

Hello everyone!
I’m Kana. Now, my heart is full of gratitude so I’d like to say thank you to my great teachers, classmates, and TALK Academy. Thanks to them, I enjoy studying English. And, I improve my English skills. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much.
Now, do you know that I’m the only Japanese here? Actually, at first, I usually felt nervous and lonely because, almost all of my batchmates are Korean. They didn’t have Japanese except me. They communicated in Korean but I couldn’t, so I felt many difficulties. For example, just say my real opinion and to become familiar with them. However, I thought, I can’t use Japanese. So, it is a big challenge to improve my English skills. Then, I decided to do my best here. So I am trying to do my best. First, I have a Japanese friend here but we always talked in English. We didn’t use Japanese. Second, I enrolled night classes. Those were very hard and stressful but, I did it. Then, I got confidence and tough mentally. Also, I raised my upper limit. Third, I ask my teachers to give me homework. And, of course, I do my homework exactly. Fourth, I stayed here for 4 months. But, I have never been absent from my classes including the night classes. Thus, I’m always trying to do my best. Also, our teachers are trying to do their best so, we should do our best. I know it is difficult. I think, to achieve our goals, we have to challenge difficult things, we have to struggle, and, I believe that those experiences help you surely. Then, think back to yourself and try to do all you can.
Thank you for listening.

Kana Takashima “KANA”

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