TALK Academy Kang Dongwoo “ETHAN” is the best student for October 2017

[필리핀 어학연수] 10월의 토크어학원 우수학생 & 우수 선생  명예의 전당 / 토크어학원입니다. 

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토크어학원에서는 매 달마다 자체적으로 우수학생 및 선생님을 선정하는데요.
이때, 선정된 학생과 선생님에게는 상장과 부상으로 1,000페소의 상금을 준답니다.
타국에서 어학연수를 하는 학생들에게 지치지 않게끔 다시 한 번 동기를 부여해주는 의미가 있겠죠?
이제 10월에 선정된 우수학생과 선생님의 소감 발표 영상을 보도록 하겠습니다.

When I first started, I was chosen as the best student. I couldn’t believe it because there are many students who can speak English better than I can. I did ask myself, how did I become the best student in this academy. The things that I will be saying here, is what I can do to help other students.

First of all, never be absent or be late in your class. I do think study comes first. I think study begins when these 2 are observed. Many people try to remove the voca test after studying here for more than a month because they want to take a rest or have self study. I have also thought about it, but I didn’t remove my voca test. Please remember that the time you think you wanted to take a rest, will make a big difference later. Do your best all the time.

Second, don’t think of the things you should have or shouldn’t have done here. Everyone here will be graduating. Right now, you may be waiting for the big day but, when you leave here, leave all your regrets here. When you see yourself now, you will know yourself more. I hope it will be time for you not to regret it. While you are still here in the Philippines, please do study hard. I’m not actually different from you. When I first came here, I thought no one is worse at English better than I am. Even though I got bad scores during the placement test, I didn’t feel bad. Everyone has their own advantage. I also have my own advantage. These are: not being shy, and being talkative. I think the 2 advantages have made me now. Our teachers told me: “you shouldn’t be ashamed to speak long sentences.”

I introduced myself using words only during the introduction time of the first day of class but, i wasn’t ashamed of it because I can hear to learn how to speak English with good sentences. The moment you think why you’re so ashamed, think about why you came here. If you think about it and move it into action, I’m sure you can step up one step further. Most of the students here will experience a slump. I have too much to learn. I thought it would be late for me but, I have come to say that it’s a slump. You may not have experienced a slump but, if you experience it, I recommend you to go to your teachers instead of going to the bar with your friends. Your teachers have taught many students from different countries and, remember that it is teachers who can understand the emotions you’re experiencing more than anyone else in the academy. Your teachers will help you. Everyone, the reason why I’m standing here is not because of my English skills. Also, I have proof to you today that I am wrong to think that students with excellent English skills can become the best student. You can also become the main character. Lastly, thanks to all my teachers who helped me become the best student.

T.John, T.Nico, T.Jhordainne, T.Aizel, T.Aldrin, T.G, T.Gueen, T.Lovely, T.Myrna, T.Ike, T.Gen, T.Cha. Thanks also to the office, my batchmates, my classmates, who help me. Also, to guard who help me study safely and, other staff who make delicious meal and clean our rooms.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good holiday.

Kang Dongwoo “ETHAN”

Student, TALK Academy

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