TALK Academy Lee Hwan Jong “WOODY” is the best student for July 2017

Good afternoon guys! I’m Woody.
This is my first time to speak in front of many people, so I feel shy and nervous. When I heard that I was chosen as the best student, I was very surprised. Which may sound sick to you guys, but I never thought about it. I believe you also have the capabilities for being the best student. The most important is not to be absent, do your homework, follow the school rules and regulations, and most of all, help yourself to excel in your studies. Of course, it might sound stale. I know that it is hard for us not to be absent. Actually, I also wanted to be absent especially when I was sick. Nevertheless, the reason why I haven’t written an excuse letter is to keep my promise with myself.
I wanted to fulfill my purpose that I came here because I wanted to achieve something, so if you guys want to acquire something, you should attend all of your classes. In addition, do challenge yourself. There are many ways that you can challenge yourself such as night class and EOP challenge. In my case, I tried EOP challenge for 4 weeks before. At first, I felt very stuffy, but as time goes by, I started speaking English with my friends who are also an EOP challenger. After I succeeded my challenge, I felt that I improved a lot, not only in my communication skills but I also gain enough confidence. It was an unforgettable experience for me.
Lastly, I appreciate my teachers and also my friends who always support and motivate me to learn. I’m happy to meet you guys. Even if I only have few weeks left to study here, I will keep on studying and applying all the things that you taught me. Whenever I go, I will always remember and treasure not only the memories, but the knowledge that you inculcate in me. Thank you for listening and for choosing me as the best student.
Once again, thank you very much to all of you.

Lee Hwan jong “WOODY”

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