TALK Academy Shin Je Hun “JE HUN” is the best student for November 2017

Good high noon, everyone. I’m Je Hun.

First of all, speaking in front of many people makes me nervous. I don’t want people’s attention because when I’m nervous, my face turns red. So please, just listen and don’t stare at me. Please. I hope I didn’t steal your breaktime because maybe you want to take a rest or relax but, don’t worry. It won’t be long so that you can enjoy your freetime. I hope you will not hate me.

I’m really thankful for choosing me as the best student for this month. I didn’t expect that but because I’m also a beginner like some students here. When T.Conor informed me, I am surprised that I panicked but I’m here in front of you. Anyway, I just study hard, I have never been late in class, I participate and enjoy my classes.

To my fellow students, what I can say is: just follow the academy’s rules. Study hard. That is our purpose here. Just be yourself. Enjoy the moment and enjoy your stay here. This is partly a chance for us to grow so have fun.

Lastly, I recommend students to go outside to explore yourself because it makes good experience that you will never forget.

I want to thank all my teachers for sharing their knowledge to me. Also, to all of the students.

Thank you for listening and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Have a good Friday.

Shin Je Hun “JE HUN”

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