TALK Academy T. AIZEL is the best teacher for September 2017

Hi! It is again an indeed honor to be chosen as the best teacher for this month. Thank you once again to the office likewise to my students for believing in me. My deepest gratitude as well to my co-teachers for being there and for cheering me up.
I just want to share some tips on how to be an effective teacher.
First, have passion/determination in eveything you do. The more passion/determination you have, the better outcome you get.
Second, have the ability to develop good relationships with students. Learn how to mingle with your students. Narrowing the gap between you and your students can create a more comfortable learning environment.
Third, be flexible and be a team player. Adjust yourself whatever the environment is. Learn also how to create a good atmosphere towards your co-teachers.
Lastly, believe in yourself. Always stand tall. Never let others dictate what you should do. That’s your journey. Be the navigator of your own ship.
“Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.” (-Colleen Wilcox)


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