TALK Academy T. BELLE is the best teacher for July 2017

It is truly a humbling experience to be accepting this award. Nothing in my experience has prepared me for an honor like this, especially to be recognzed for doing something that I so love to do.
People sometimes want to know – what’s the secret? And to be honest, I usually don’t know. So, I thought about it. When it comes to being a teacher, it’s not about me. This should be obvious; it’s about them, about the students.
By this, I mean I have learned during my time as a teacher that I have far more influence than I realize, and it’s my responsibility to use that influence wisely. Whether I realized it or not, my students are always learning from me.
In addition, I have learned that the way that I matter really has nothing to do with intelligence, talent, or hard work – although all of these are certainly important things. Instead, I matter most by my willingness to care – about the content and about the students.
We love our content! Harder, scarier, and yet far more important than my enthusiasm and passion about a topic, is my willingness to care about my students. To believe in their ablity to learn, even if they do not.
How do I know this? Partly, I make an effort to get to know them as people, and I give them the opportunity to show me how brilliant and creative they are.
To close, I wish to say several thank yous. First, thank you to the admin for sponsoring the award, and most importantly, thank you to those I have been privileged to interact with and learn from, to those who believed in me and saw me even when I couldn’t see it myself. I am grateful to you all. This award is not mine – it is ours. Thank you.

Anabelle Calbone “T. BELLE” – Reading Department

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