TALK Academy T. Benhur is the best teacher in EnE for January 2018




To the head teacher, the secretary and the managers for their unending guidance and support,

to my co-teachers for the friendship and pieces of advice,

and to all my beloved students who are always there to challenge and make me the teacher that I want to be. There is no amount that can equal to these things you provided. I sincerely attribute this award to all of you and I hope for the success of your future endeavors. Thank you so much.


Teaching in this academy is fulfilling for me as a teacher by profession because I am able to ulitize my skills thus giving me the chance to  educate my students with confidence and compassion. I believe that as a teacher,  nothing is more satisfying than providing the knowledge and skills the students need to learn, knowing that they commend your efforts and that they want to learn more from you. Students may be rude at times but behind that facade, there is always that desire and yearning to learn, be respected and be understood so I always do my best to be a compassionate and understanding teacher.


Thus with or without award,  we as teachers should always be cognizant of how we teach and how we develop rapport with our students so that they will acknowledge us as their teachers and so that we can easily bridge the gap brought by students diversity. All of us teachers can become the best. Its just a matter of time and being true to yourself. Show what you really are as an educator and as an individual.

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