TALK Academy T. HANS is the best teacher for June 2017

What is the definition of a successful teacher? For me, success is not defined by how much knowledge you’ve acquired or by how many teaching methods you apply in class. It is by how much the student has learned and how he/she will utilize it effectively.
As as English teacher, I think the number one goal is to help our students communicate well using the language and be globally competitive.
To be successful, it requires passion. You have to love what you do because when you are passionate, the best comes out naturally.
To be successful, persistence is essential. Giving up is not an option. You have got to keep going to reach your goals.
To be successful, we need a positive mindset. Optimism plays a major role ’cause what you think is what you attract!
That’s the buzzer! It’s a wrap! I am out!

Hanzel Buen “T. HANS”

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