TALK Academy T. LOVELY is the best teacher for January 2018

I never expected to be in the line of teacher but, as I go in this path, it made me realize something.
Am I really meant to be a teacher? Is this path right for me?
Frustrations and challenges are always in the corner and honestly, teaching is really a tough job.

And so my journey as a teacher officially begins when I entered this institution.
The trainings made me more efficient and was a big help.
As the days and months pass by, I found myself loving this profession.
All thanks to my students, who always believe in me and to my co-teachers who guide and helped me.
Some days were good and some are bad but both experiences made me grow and I cherished them all.
I’m still in the road of improvement and I’ve got many things to learn.
I’ve got a long way to go but I’m always ready and never give up!

I am Lovely Canayon, your best teacher for the month of February.

Lovely Canayon “T.LOVELY”
Speaking Department – TALK Academy

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