TALK Academy Tom is the best student in EnE for February 2018



First of all, I truly appreciate this Academy for giving me this award. Actually, I never expected that I can become the best student. I always think of myself as an average student because my IELTS score is not high and there are many smart students in this Academy. For these reasons, I was surprised when I received this prize.

Mainly, I have followed my teacher’s teachings because all teachers in this Academy are professional. Although I was absent in some classes every now and then, I always review the lessons I learned from my classes and then try to use grammatically correct expressions in the next classes. Consequently, I think that my English level has improved compared to before.

In my opinion, the most important thing is attending your classes. If you follow your teacher’s guidance, I am sure that you can definitely achieve your goals. Furthermore, you could also get the honor of being the best student of the month.

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