Jeon Junehoo “TYLER”

Hello everyone. My name is Tyler.

I want to congratulate your graduation. Now, I’ll tell you my story. First time I came here there were no teenagers so I felt very lonely. So I wanted to go back to Korea but lots of brothers and sisters helped me to adjust academy and the Philippines. And then I can enjoy Baguio life. From then, I made lots of new friends. All of them made me happy and I can enjoy lots of activity. I was absent in some classes but I like all the teachers. I like them. I’m thankful for them. I promised with teachers if I come back to Baguio, they will welcome me. 2 months was very fast. Before coming here, I felt half anxious and half excited but after 2 months, half anxious turned to 100% exciting. I think all teachers, friends, and manager changed. Thank you for all my friends and teachers. Thank you for listening to my speech.

  • Jeon Junehoo “TYLER”